A North American Human Life (Electroacoustic Piece)

Project : Original Electroacoustic Piece
Title : A North American Human Life
Release : March 22th 2017
Description : “A North American Human Life” is a reflection of many concepts in our society: American Way of Life, Individuality, Romanticism and Economic Materialism. Each minute of the piece represents 16 years (Hexadecimal) in an average North American life. Many “life passages” that are learned at a young age is sonically represented throughout the piece. Human life and joy or conceptually, Eros (Personal body, family, a new baby), as well as stress, or Thanatos (anxiety, depression at a certain age, drugs and party at early adult life) are sonically identified as cyclic sound objects that travels the piece with life-changing events that occurs at specific moments. Every cyclic sound is at a different pace, texture and amplitude, which breaks dullness and continuity throughout the piece.

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