Category: Movie – Soundtrack

La Petite Soeur ( Little Sister )


Project : Original Music creation for short movie
Title : La Petite Soeur (Little Sister)
Release : March 4th 2017
Description : Selected at the RVCQ 2017.
Creation of five different musical atmospheres that mixes many moments of bliss, solitude, confusion, reflexion and love. […]

Le Danseur (The Dancer)


Project : Music and Sound Design of a Short Movie
Title : Le Danseur(The Dancer)
Sortie : November 16th 2015
Description : Making of two pieces of music. The first, is Horror/Suspense style piece (arrived at 4:19 through 5:19 and in the credits) of wicked rhythm patterns, influenced by The Rite of Spring of Stravinsky. […]

Le Prix de l’éternité (The Price of Eternity)


Projet : Sound Design for a Short Movie

Titre : The Price of Eternity

Description : Music Creation, Sound Design et Mixing for the entirety of the short movie. Many atmospheres, including Double Bass, Rainmaker, Cymbals, Bells, Organ and Percussions. […]