Design Sonore – Electroacoustic – Saxophone Étude #1

Projet : Pièce Original Électroacoustique
Titre : Saxophone Étude #1
Sortie: 1er Juillet 2018
Saxophone Étude #1 is a 5-channel fixed media electroacoustic composition created only with the Alto Saxophone.

The piece explores the unique features of the instrument, from the transients of the mechanical click to the harmonic spectrum. The piece is separated into 4 passages:

The first part is “Improvisation”, where the Saxophone is transformed and processed through the channels independently, using spatialisation as a new component for the Saxophone’s expressiveness, like pitch and timbre.

The second part, titled “Denis Roy”, was created using the 8 letters of the Saxophonist’s name. Using small snippets of transients and notes, each letter was loosely used as the basis for the small sound objects moving in the channels.

The third movement, named “Transients”, focus entirely with the small “clicks” of the hand playing the keys of the Saxophone. The section dwells into the multiple characteristics of unpitched sounds of the instrument.

The last part, “Harmonics & Finale”, starts with the slow appearance of the first five harmonics of the lowest note of the Saxophone Alto (Db3 or 138.6 Hertz). The piece then returns to more pitched sounds until where the small passages of saxophone solo are heard moving in the space until the last note.

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