Design Sonore – Électroacoustique – F.L.O.P.E. avec Saxophone

Project : Original Electroacoustic Piece
Title : F.L.O.P.E. w/ Live Sax (version stéréo)
Release : 20 décembre 2018
Description : (texte français à venir)

F.L.O.P.E.(Fear and Loathing On Planet Earth) is a 5-channel electroacoustic interdisciplinary piece merging tactile and auditive experiences. The piece was created with two main components:

– The first component is a fixed media piece of 9 min and 40 seconds, divided in 5 main sections, created with human voices (male and female) and metallic sound objects. Each section expands a single gut emotion such as stress, laughter and frustration, with a finale that mixes the previous sections together.

– The second component is vibro-tactile technology called the :body:suit:score:, created by the Matralab, that is used on a musician playing along the fixed media for live performances.

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